Exploring the Relationship between Cannabis Use and Hypertension

exploring the relationship between cannabis use and hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major health concern for many people. As such, it is important to understand any potential effects of cannabis use on hypertension. Studies have found that cannabis may have both short-term and longer-term effects on blood pressure levels.

Study 1: Journal of Clinical Hypertension

This study was conducted in 2020 by the Journal of Clinical Hypertension. The goal of this study was to find out how people with high blood pressure react when they use cannabis. The participants were divided into two groups: one group was given a single dose of cannabis, and the other was given a placebo. The researchers then took measurements of the heart rate and blood pressure before and after giving either a placebo or a dose of cannabis. The results showed that the people who got the cannabis dose had a higher heart rate than those who got the placebo, but there were no significant differences in terms of mean arterial pressure (MAP). But more research needs to be done to find out if there are long-term effects for people with high blood pressure who use cannabis often.

Study 2: 2021 Study on Cannabis Use and Hypertension

Researchers from Colorado State University did this study in 2021 to find out how cannabinoids affect how the heart works in people with high blood pressure over time. The researchers found 25 people with high blood pressure who had been using medical cannabis for at least six months before joining the study. They checked their MAP at the start and then again after they had been using cannabis regularly for 12 weeks. The results showed that while there were some variations in MAP values across different dosage levels, overall there were no significant changes observed between baseline MAP values and post-cannabis MAP values. Even though these results are promising, more research is needed to find out how cannabinoids affect how the heart works in people with high blood pressure over time.

How Cannabinoids Affect Cardiovascular Responses

Though more research needs to be done, current studies suggest that cannabinoids can have both short-term and long-term effects on cardiovascular responses, particularly among individuals with hypertension. Short-term effects include an increase in heart rate, which could lead to an increase in blood pressure. However, these effects may not be big enough to have long-term effects on people with hypertension who use medical cannabis regularly, as seen in the results of Study 2, where no significant changes were seen between baseline MAP values and post-cannabis MAP values after 12 weeks of regular use. On the other hand, some studies suggest that regular use of medical marijuana could have beneficial effects on elderly patients with hypertension due to its antihypertensive properties, which could help lower blood pressure levels without having any negative impacts on heart rate or cardiac output—these findings should be studied further before any definitive conclusions can be drawn about its efficacy as a treatment option for hypertension patients.

Ultimately, more research needs to be done before we can fully understand how cannabinoids affect cardiovascular responses among individuals with hypertension—particularly over extended periods of time like 12 weeks or more as seen from Study 2’s findings above—but current studies suggest that regular use of medical marijuana has potential benefits for elderly subjects suffering from high blood pressure without any adverse side effects such as increased heart rate or decreased cardiac output which could also lead to long-term benefits if its antihypertensive properties are confirmed through further research down the line. For now, though, it is important for those suffering from high blood pressure due to aging or other factors to consult their doctor before trying out any form of cannabinoid therapy as part of their treatment regimen so they can make sure they are taking all necessary precautions when it comes to their health and wellbeing first and foremost! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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