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Suppose you’re considering using marijuana or a CBD product for a medical ailment. In that case, you’re not alone — for example, over the past decade, cannabidiol has gone from being a relatively unknown chemical to one that has been legalized in nearly every state and territory in the United States. Researchers have made it a point in the past decade to better understand CBD and THC, and the FDA has even approved a CBD-based medication to treat children who suffer from a rare disorder that includes seizures.

While marijuana is not legal for medical or recreational use in every state, is it legal to use it to treat a medical problem when you have acquired a prescription from a doctor and received a medical marijuana card from the state. If you have more questions about obtaining your card, get in touch with us or read through these guidelines from Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture & Forestry to better understand which types of treatments are available to you in our state.

CBD products for healthcare and wellness

Over the Counter CBD Products

Because hemp-derived CBD is legal on an over-the-counter basis in most U.S. states, choosing to use this component of the cannabis plant will not require a doctor’s prescription in these areas. By law, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. CBD products, in other words, will not make you feel high. We offer CBD products at our dispensary and retail stores.

Cannabis tincture in a bottle


You’ve probably encountered tinctures of herbs, essential oils, and other liquid solutions meant to be consumed sublingually (beneath the tongue). For individuals looking for a fast, convenient treatment, taking a dose of sublingual cannabis can provide relief within 15 minutes. It’s important to remember to measure your dose carefully and gauge how you respond to the product before taking more — everybody reacts differently, and some people don’t need as much.

Cannabis solutions for medical purposes

Concentrates, Extracts & Oils

These cannabis products have been distilled and processed into a highly concentrated form. They can be taken sublingually like tinctures or, depending on the items and purpose you are using them, they can be mixed into food or drink if you do not want to taste them. Patients who require high doses of THC may prefer concentrates as they can be quite potent.

Cannabis-infused creams and lotions

Creams & Lotions

If you’ve never heard of topical cannabis, you may be delighted to know that we offer products that can be applied directly to the skin. Some patients with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis swear by using their cannabis topically, while other individuals may opt to apply a topical solution for a headache or cramps so that it is absorbed quickly through the skin.

Wellcana cannabis gel capsules


An inhalant is an excellent option for patients who seek quick symptom relief as it goes directly into the lungs. Like inhalers used for asthma, it is dose-controlled and perfect for those who worry about correctly measuring out a dose of a concentrate or sublingual tincture.

Wellcana cannabis gel capsules

gelatin-based chewables

Gummies aren’t just for kids — if you enjoy flavored, candy-like cannabis and are looking for a product that affects your whole body, consider using these gelatin-based products in lieu of tinctures and pills. Even if you prefer the taste of gummies over other products, that’s OK!

Cannabis spray for medical use


Sprays can be used to administer cannabis on the go as they can be used discreetly and easily. This type of product is typically administered sublingually, but you will not have to measure the dose with a dropper — simply spray one or two pumps and expect the effects of this dose to last about one to two hours. You should notice an effect within a few minutes.

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If you’re used to taking pills for a medical condition or prefer to take vitamins and supplements in capsule form to eliminate the taste of the contents, these products are for you. Because the cannabinoids are not activated until they are digested, they do not work as quickly as sprays, topicals, and inhalants. Make sure to factor this into your treatment plan.

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Pills are similar to capsules in that they are swallowed like vitamins, and they do not break down until they are digested in your body. If you take your cannabis products with other medication, using a pill or capsule form may make it easier for you to remember to take it. Pills can also be split in half as they are hard-pressed, solid, and do not contain loose powder or herbal contents.

Cannabis solutions for medical purposes

solutions & suspensions

If you are considering a cannabis product or hemp-derived cannabidiol for a child or an adult who cannot swallow capsules or pills, consider using a suspension. These products last for eight to 12 hours on average and can be effectively measured and administered to those who prefer to take their supplements in liquid form. The liquid within is homogenized, which means that every dose will contain a similar amount of cannabinoids — the product will not settle at the bottom.

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transdermal patches & suppositories

Perhaps you’re looking for a product you don’t have to think too hard about. We offer transdermal patches that can be applied directly to the skin and suppositories in various dosages for people who do not want to take their medication orally. Our patches are ideal for those who want to apply their cannabinoids in a quick, effective manner that takes little fuss or extra equipment.

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