Legalized in 2019, medical marijuana has become a prominent topic of discussion, serving the needs of numerous state-registered patients with qualifying conditions. 

The economic strides of this industry have been impressive. Good Day Farm, the largest medical marijuana producer in Louisiana, has announced plans to double its cannabis growing space in 2023, adding 40,000 square feet to its cultivation capacity, which indicates a projection for higher demand. This expansion results from improvements to the medical marijuana program, including streamlined regulations and increased patient count. 

Whether you’re looking to buy medical cannabis in Louisiana or curious about how to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana, the pathway is clear and supported by a robust and growing industry such as medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana

Due to Louisiana Revised Statutes Tit. 40, § 1046, there are strict regulations for the medical marijuana industry, including agriculture, laboratory testing, and, of course, medical marijuana dispensaries certification. Before, only ten weed dispensaries were available throughout the state. But after passing House Bill 697 in 2022, the number of marijuana pharmacy licenses has increased from 10 to 30. It became much easier to buy medical cannabis in Louisiana. 

Among the dispensaries serving patients in the state, you’ll find The Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy in Alexandria, Capitol Wellness Solutions in Baton Rouge, Green Leaf Dispensary in Houma, The Apothecary Shoppe in Lafayette, Medicis Pharmacy in Lake Charles, Willow Pharmacy in Madisonville, H&W Drug Store and High Ground Dispensary in New Orleans, Hope Pharmacy in Shreveport, H&W Drug Store in Metairie, and Delta Medmar in West Monroe​. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Top weed dispensaries in Louisiana

Capitol Wellness Solutions in Baton Rouge

In the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you’ll find a standout among medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana — Capitol Wellness Solutions. Established in 2017, this esteemed center is committed to fulfilling the medical marijuana needs of its clients, always putting their wellness first.

If you’re exploring the world of medical cannabis in Louisiana, regardless of your experience level, the knowledgeable team at this distinguished dispensary is ready to guide you. Known for its vast selection of top-tier products, you’ll find items like the popular Mandarin Zkittles flower, Pillow Factory pre-roll, and Blue Dream MDI – all of them are available for those who have a medical marijuana card. 

Situated at 7941 Picardy Ave in Baton Rouge, Capitol Wellness Solutions is more than just one of the dispensaries in LA. It’s a wellness-oriented community that believes in enhancing the health and well-being of its clients through the benefits of medical marijuana.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the difference at Capitol Wellness Solutions — where health, wellbeing, and exceptional customer service intersect. Experience the benefits of medical cannabis in Baton Rouge today.

Hope Pharmacy in Shreveport

If you’re exploring the medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana, consider visiting Hope Pharmacy in Shreveport. As one of the trailblazers in this field, this pharmacy is the first medical marijuana pharmacy in Northwest Louisiana. Conveniently located across from the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center and University Health, they have carved a niche in providing a wide range of medical cannabis solutions.

At Hope Pharmacy, they offer an impressive assortment of medical marijuana in Louisiana, ranging from indica and sativa, oils, extracts, tinctures, sprays, capsules, pills, solutions, suspension, gelatin-based chewables, lotions, transdermal patches, suppositories to metered-dosed inhalation.

As one of the reliable dispensaries in Shreveport, Louisiana, Hope Pharmacy caters to a broad range of medical conditions. They provide medical marijuana for conditions like cancer, glaucoma, seizure disorders, Crohn’s disease, post-traumatic disorder, and more. Check if you qualify and receive your medical cannabis card to make this experience available for you. 

Medicis Pharmacy in Lake Charles

Among the most distinguished medical marijuana dispensaries in LA, Medicis Pharmacy is a gem located in Lake Charles. This establishment stands as a beacon of wellness for the Southwest region of Louisiana. Offering a wide range of medical cannabis options, such as indica or sativa this LA weed dispensary caters to those with various treatable conditions. Located at 1727 Imperial Boulevard, Building 4, Lake Charles, LA 70605, it’s convenient for both locals and visitors to the area.

The customer service at this LA marijuana dispensary is remarkable, with their team always ready to provide fulfillment of medical marijuana to those who have a medical marijuana card. We may help you to receive one and join them on your wellness journey. It’s a testament to the growth of medical marijuana in LA and a demonstration of the commitment to patient care. With operating hours from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Friday and Saturday, this LA medical marijuana dispensary is ready to serve you. 

Experience the leading medical cannabis dispensary in Louisiana and discover how their dedicated service and comprehensive offerings can contribute to your journey toward wellness.

H&W Drug Store in New Orleans and Metairie

With over half a century of service, H&W Drug Store has firmly established its reputation as one of the premier medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana. Known for their fast, friendly, and courteous service, they offer a wide range of medical cannabis options to suit every patient’s needs.

Located at 1667 Tchoupitoulas Street, Suite B, New Orleans, and 5055 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, these dispensaries in Louisiana are easily accessible and ready to serve. They are allowed to dispense traditional, smokeable raw flowers, a significant step forward for medical marijuana in Louisiana.

Whether you’re a patient with a debilitating condition or a physician looking to provide your patients with the highest quality care, H&W Drug Store can help. With an extensive history and commitment to the community, H&W Drug Store stands out among the many dispensaries in LA.

How to find dispensaries for my medical needs?

Finding the right dispensaries in Louisiana for your medical needs can be a smooth and straightforward process with the right tools and resources at your disposal. Whether you’re seeking medical marijuana in Louisiana or looking for a particular strain of medical cannabis, these strategies can help guide your search.

One of the simplest ways to locate medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana is through the use of online directories, such as Yelp or Leafly. These platforms offer a comprehensive list of dispensaries, complete with ratings, reviews, and information on the products and services offered.

When browsing these directories, you can filter by location to find dispensaries in Shreveport, dispensaries in Baton Rouge, or dispensaries in Lake Charles. This makes it easy to find a dispensary in your local area or in a location you’re planning to visit. If you’re interested in finding out how many dispensaries are in Louisiana, these directories can also provide a comprehensive count, helping you get a sense of the scale and scope of your options. Also, many online directories offer information on Louisiana weed dispensaries prices, helping you budget for your medical needs accordingly.

Another way to find suitable dispensaries is through referral from a healthcare provider. If you’re considering medical marijuana in Louisiana for the first time, your healthcare provider may be able to suggest reputable Louisiana medical marijuana dispensaries.

Remember, your journey to wellness is a personal one. Take the time to research, explore, and choose a dispensary that best meets your unique needs and preferences.

Medical marijuana product assortment

How to choose a safe weed dispensaries in Louisiana?

Choosing a safe and reliable weed dispensary in Louisiana is an essential step in your wellness journey. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Licensing: check that the dispensary is licensed and compliant with state laws regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana. This information should be publicly available and clearly displayed at the dispensary or on their website.
  • Knowledgeable staff: a reputable dispensary in Louisiana will have well-informed staff who can answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you select the best products for your needs.
  • Quality of products: look for dispensaries that provide information about the source of their cannabis, the strains available, and the THC and CBD content.
  • Reviews and ratings: online platforms such as Yelp or Leafly can provide reviews and ratings of Louisiana weed dispensaries. These can give you a sense of the quality of the dispensary’s service and products.
  • Price: while you don’t want to compromise on quality, it’s essential to consider the cost. Look for Louisiana weed dispensaries prices that offer good value for money.
  • Location: choose a dispensary that is conveniently located. Whether you’re looking for dispensaries in Shreveport Louisiana, dispensaries in Baton Rouge Louisiana, or dispensaries in Lake Charles Louisiana, proximity can make your experience more convenient.
  • Variety of products: look for marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana that offer a wide range of products. This can include different strains, forms of cannabis (e.g., edibles, tinctures, topicals).
  • Patient privacy: a good dispensary should respect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Remember, choosing the right dispensary is about finding the one that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Take your time to research, visit different dispensaries in LA, and ask questions until you find the right fit for you.

How to buy medical marijuana in LA?

To be able to buy medical marijuana in LA it is mandatory to own an MMJ card. Navigating the path to applying for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana can be straightforward with the right guidance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to lead you through this process:

  • Check your eligibility: the first step is to ensure you have a qualifying medical condition for medical marijuana in Louisiana. A healthcare provider can help you determine if your condition is considered debilitating, making you eligible for medical cannabis.
  • Sign up with Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors (LAMMD): to kickstart your journey, register on the LAMMD platform. This online platform is designed to connect you with a physician who can evaluate your condition for a potential medical marijuana recommendation.
  • Virtual doctor visit: on the LAMMD platform, you can schedule a virtual consultation with a healthcare provider. These online consultations are available seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM. You only need a computer or a cellphone for this appointment, making it convenient and accessible from anywhere in Louisiana.
  • Attend your consultation: during your online consultation, a healthcare provider will evaluate your medical condition and determine if medical marijuana could be beneficial to you.
  • Get your certification: if the doctor concludes that you qualify for medical cannabis, they will issue a certification. This certification is proof of your eligibility for medical marijuana and can be sent directly to a dispensary in Louisiana of your choice. You don’t need to register with the Louisiana Department of Health to obtain this certification.
  • Purchase your medical cannabis: now that you’re a registered medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, you can legally purchase medical cannabis at dispensaries in Louisiana. You’re allowed a 30-day supply of cannabis products as determined by your physician.


The marijuana industry in Louisiana works like a clock. Protected by laws, Health Department of Louisiana and HIPAA provides safe and comfortable environment for medical marijuana patients in LA state.

Now, patients from Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Monroe, Metairie, Covington and other LA areas are able to visit top-tier medical marijuana dispensaries and choose for themselves what is the best for them. As long as weed dispensaries in Louisiana provide you with high-quality medicines and outstanding customer service, there is no place for worries. 

But to get a certificate of medical marijuana patient status, you need to receive a medical cannabis card. Consider the LAMMD platform as we are ready to escort you through your whole wellness journey of yours. We provide constant customer support from the first minute of our cooperation – from medical evaluation of qualifying conditions to advising the most reliable marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana. Contact us now to start your way to your well-being.