In recent years, medical marijuana for chronic pain management become more and more available and reliable option for many suffering patients. According to a study by Michigan Medicine, an astounding 31% of individuals in the USA with chronic pain have turned to medical marijuana as an alternative solution. This inclination isn’t merely a trend; more than half of these individuals reported that the introduction of marijuana led to a reduction in the consumption of prescription opioids, nonopioids, and even over-the-counter pain medications. 

But the question remains: how effective is cannabis for chronic pain? This article discloses the potential benefits, doses, strains, and overall impact of marijuana and chronic pain. By the end, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of treating chronic pain with marijuana and its related intricacies.

medical marijuana prescription for chronic pain

Can marijuana treat chronic pain

Medical marijuana therapy has steadily emerged as a common approach to chronic pain management. As we keep learning more about the cannabis plant, it’s becoming clear that marijuana might be a real help for people dealing with long-term, or chronic, pain. But how does cannabis help with chronic pain? The mechanism is actually pretty straightforward.

Research has shown that our bodies have something called an endocannabinoid system. It’s like a communication network inside us that helps manage many things, including pain. When marijuana is consumed, its active compounds, primarily THC and CBD, interact with this system. This interaction basically helps to reduce pain. That’s why many people find relief using marijuana for their persistent aches, like those from fibromyalgia, pelvic pain, or even knee and back issues. Plus, the ingredients in medical marijuana can also help with inflammation, which is another big reason it can ease pain.

Significantly, the therapeutic potential of marijuana hasn’t gone unnoticed by legal authorities. Chronic pain is universally recognized as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment in numerous jurisdictions. This recognition provides a legal framework for patients to access this alternative treatment through registration as medical marijuana patients. If you are thinking of getting this route, being informed about the full range of qualifying conditions is a must. Check the comprehensive list, ensuring you’re well-educated to make informed decisions about medical marijuana for chronic pain management. Take a look at stories of success and find out more about the properties of medical cannabis for chronic pain.

Medical marijuana for chronic back pain

Former occupational nurse Kevin James was once a skeptic of medical marijuana for chronic pain. Diagnosed with a degenerative lower back disorder in 2009, he endured severe pain, which left him incapacitated. Traditional pain medications offered limited relief and came with concerning side effects. However, after witnessing the success of medical cannabis in the US and Canada, he sought and eventually received a prescription in 2018. The introduction of medicinal cannabis into his treatment profoundly improved his quality of life.

For residents in Lake Charles experiencing debilitating chronic back pain, a more personalized and professional approach might be needed. While marijuana has shown potential, its effects can vary based on individual reactions and responses of your body. Hence, we recommend a tailored consultation. LAMMD, Louisiana Medical Marijuana doctors, offers a specialized platform where you can receive expert advice on using medical marijuana for chronic back pain management.

Medical marijuana for knee pain

In her early forties, Mary Patridge from Dallas, Texas, had already faced two knee replacements, a hip surgery, and the debilitating effects of juvenile and rheumatoid arthritis. This forced her to depend on canes, walkers, and even a wheelchair. But everything began to change when, post-hip surgery, a friend introduced her to CBD capsules containing a hint of THC as a ‘get well’ gesture. The impact was immediate; the cannabis for chronic pain greatly reduced the inflammation in her hands and knees. The consistent use of these capsules significantly improved her condition, enabling her to take short walks without assistance, and showcasing the potential benefits of medical cannabis for chronic knee pain.

For those in New Orleans enduring the persistent challenges of chronic knee pain, it’s essential to approach medical marijuana with an informed mindset. While marijuana presents promising potential, its efficacy can be influenced by individual factors. LAMMD, or Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors, offers residents an invaluable platform to obtain expert insights tailored to their unique situation. Discover the potential of medical marijuana for chronic knee pain management and begin your journey toward relief with the right guidance.

Medical cannabis for chronic nerve pain

At 75, Leslie Howard battled the residual pain of shingles-induced peripheral neuropathy. Traditional medications, including gabapentin and the capsaicin cream, were ineffective. However, after turning to alternative solutions, Leslie found that marijuana for chronic pain, specifically topical THC cream, alleviated nearly 90% of his neuropathy and swiftly eased the severe pain from a foot bone spur.

Now, if you’re in Lafayette and are considering this option, you might have questions like: does marijuana help with chronic pain? Which marijuana strain is best for chronic pain? The answers can vary based on individual needs. That’s where professionals like those at Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors come in. During your appointment, they will help you to understand better the benefits of medical marijuana for chronic pain management and guide you towards potentially effective solutions prepared specifically for every case.

Medical cannabis for chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome can be a complex problem, often affecting patient’s everyday life and even their ability to work or raise kids. Among the various treatment options, medical marijuana for chronic pain has emerged as a potentially effective remedy. Marijuana contains compounds like THC and CBD that interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, as we described before. These compounds can locally address inflamed areas of your body, offering significant relief without side effects associated with opiate pain management.

For those uncertain about using cannabis for chronic pain, especially related to pelvic conditions, it’s natural to have reservations. But knowledge is power. If you’re hesitant about whether medical marijuana is the right choice for treating your chronic pelvic pain syndrome, we kindly offer you to browse our comprehensive educational resources provided by LAMMD team. 

How to use medical cannabis for chronic pain

As we found out, the role of medical marijuana is rapidly gaining prominence. However, a key consideration when turning to cannabis for chronic pain is ensuring the right therapeutic plan is tailored to the individual. Medical marijuana for chronic pain management requires precision.

When choosing medical cannabis for chronic pain, it’s essential to cooperate closely with a medical marijuana doctor as a team. Medical marijuana doctors are equipped with knowledge and experience in needed medical field to offer you a holistic therapy plan that includes the specific needs of a patient. This plan will detail everything from the medical marijuana dose for chronic pain to the ideal cannabis strains for chronic pain. Moreover, they’ll advise on the best form of medical cannabis — be it tinctures, edibles, buds, or topicals. Such guidance ensures that patients experience medical marijuana benefits for chronic pain while minimizing potential side effects.

But there’s a legal component to this. To utilize medical cannabis for chronic pain legally, receiving an MMJ card is crucial. In Louisiana, platforms like LAMMD can streamline the process, guiding patients in securing a prescription and, subsequently, an MMJ card. Remember, your health journey is personal, and the approach to treating chronic pain with marijuana should be just as personalized and, equally importantly, legal.

marijuana strains for chronic pain

Best marijuana strains for chronic pain

At the core of the discussion on medical marijuana for chronic pain is the distinction between different marijuana strains and their varied effects. A compelling study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine summed up insights from a survey of 95 patients dealing with chronic pain. The data highlighted that when it comes to marijuana and chronic pain, there’s a pronounced preference. Participants overwhelmingly leaned towards indica strains for effective pain management, especially when addressing non-migraine headaches, neuropathy, spasticity, and joint pain. On the flip side, when aiming to invigorate their energy or uplift their mood, many would opt for sativa strains.

Recognizing which marijuana strains for chronic pain are most effective can empower patients to tailor their therapeutic approach. Furthermore, the survey underscores the tangible medical marijuana benefits for chronic pain, encouraging more individuals to explore this avenue of relief.

Medical cannabis indications and contraindications for patients with chronic pain

While numerous individuals find relief in using cannabis for chronic pain, it’s essential to be informed about when it’s appropriate and when it might be contraindicated. Medical professionals from LAMMD can play a pivotal role in guiding patients, ensuring both safety and efficacy. That is why we offer you lists of cannabis indications and contraindications for medical cannabis chronic pain management.

Indications for using medical cannabis for chronic pain:

  1. Persistent pain conditions resistant to conventional treatments;
  2. Chronic pain fibromyalgia;
  3. Conditions causing muscle spasms or chronic muscle pain;
  4. Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis;
  5. Neuropathic pain or nerve-related pain, which can benefit from the cannabis treatment for chronic nerve pain;
  6. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Contraindications for using medical cannabis for chronic pain:

  1. History of psychotic disorders or increased risk of schizophrenia;
  2. Severe cardiovascular diseases due to the potential for increased heart rate or blood pressure fluctuations;
  3. Pregnancy or planning to become pregnant;
  4. History of substance abuse or addiction, especially in cases where the individual has not consulted with a medical professional;
  5. Concurrent use of sedative medications without the supervision of a medical professional;
  6. Known allergies to any compounds in cannabis strains for chronic pain;
  7. Severe nausea or appetite issues caused by medical cannabis usage.

Comprehensive consultation with healthcare professionals, such as the team of LAMMD, is crucial to tailor marijuana use for chronic pain appropriately. This ensures patients derive the maximum medical marijuana benefits for chronic pain without jeopardizing their overall health.

Medical cannabis side effects for patients with chronic pain

While a significant number vouch for its efficacy in alleviating pain, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects associated with its use. Some common side effects that chronic pain patients may experience include:

  • Dry mouth or increased thirst.
  • Dizziness or light-headedness.
  • Changes in mood or heightened feelings of anxiety.
  • A heightened sense of euphoria or feeling “high.”
  • A pronounced feeling of tiredness or fatigue after using marijuana
  • Increased appetite, commonly referred to as the “munchies.”
  • Alterations in sensory perceptions, such as heightened auditory or visual experiences.

Even though there is some side effects might occur, many find the medical marijuana benefits for chronic pain to outweigh potential discomforts. However, consistency in therapy is paramount to reaping these benefits. To ensure uninterrupted access to medical cannabis and to stay within legal bounds, patients are reminded of the importance of timely renewal of their MMJ card. Partnering with platforms like LAMMD can facilitate this process, ensuring that patients maintain continuous and legal access to their medical cannabis for chronic pain management.

Useful researches about medical marijuana and chronic pain

At the core of LAMMD’s values lies a dual commitment: first, to provide patients with a holistic approach that offers genuine relief, and second, to base our medical cannabis recommendations on a solid scientific foundation. By seamlessly integrating traditional medicinal practices with the latest research, Louisiana Medical Marijuana doctors ensure top-tier, evidence-based care for our patients. That is why we offer our readers the list of the most recent studies on medical cannabis and chronic pain.

At LAMMD, the commitment is not just to provide relief but to ensure that each recommendation is grounded in the latest research, ensuring both safety and efficacy for our valued patients.


In the industry of pain management, the interplay between marijuana and chronic pain has become a beam of hope for many suffering from this condition. The evidence, both scientific and from patients’ personal experiences, lets us know that medical marijuana for chronic pain is for sure a holistic and effective treatment pathway. Whether you’re considering cannabis for chronic pain or are curious about which marijuana strains for chronic pain might be most suitable, the journey towards pain relief is deeply personal and should be underpinned by expert guidance.

The medical marijuana benefits for chronic pain are undeniable. But like all medical treatments, it’s imperative that patients receive the right guidance, appropriate dosing, and suitable strains tailored to their unique needs. This is where LAMMD steps in. Our telehealth platform bridges the gap between patients and professional expertise. By creating an account on the LAMMD platform, you’re not just accessing a service; you’re embarking on a journey to holistic well-being. Our team of specialized doctors is here to help design your medical marijuana for chronic pain management plan, ensuring the best cannabis strain for chronic pain is recommended and offering guidance on cannabis use.