How to renew an MMJ card in Louisiana?

mmj card renewal process

Medical marijuana has been a topic of spirited discussion in the Louisiana legislature since 1978, but it only became legalized for medical use in 2019. In 2022, there were more than 43,000 registered patients making use of the state’s medical marijuana program, and their number keeps expanding. These individuals, after receiving an evaluation from a healthcare professional for a qualifying condition, can access a variety of therapeutic marijuana products from any of the licensed dispensaries or pharmacies spread across the state​​.

Renewing a cannabis card is a crucial step in maintaining access to these treatments. It’s a process that can be navigated smoothly, especially with the guidance of organizations like LAMMD. The following sections will explore how to renew an MMJ card in Louisiana, and how services like LAMMD can assist you in doing so.

mmj card renewal process

Understanding the MMJ card renewal process in LA

Renewing your medical marijuana card in Louisiana, or more accurately, your medical cannabis registration, embraces a unique, digital-centric approach. Contrary to other states, Louisiana opts for a system where physicians input a patient’s data directly into the state registry and forward it to a designated dispensary. This innovative process bypasses the need for a physical card, facilitating swift access to medical cannabis for registered patients​​.

To renew your MMJ card in Louisiana, the steps mirror those of the initial registration. You will need to arrange a visit with a physician for a medical evaluation and subsequent recommendation. The physician, who can be any state-licensed medical doctor, will then update your information in the state registry and communicate it to your chosen dispensary. Notably, you have the freedom to consult a different doctor for your renewal, providing flexibility in choosing the healthcare provider that best aligns with your needs. Within a short span of 24-48 hours, you can then proceed to your dispensary to purchase cannabis, ensuring you have your state ID for identity verification before making a purchase​​.

While straightforward, this process comes with certain nuances. For example, it may pose challenges when patients need to identify themselves to law enforcement due to the absence of a physical card. Additionally, the responsibility to renew an MMJ card before the expiration of the current registration lies with patients, ensuring no disruption in their access to medication.

It’s also important to remember that the physician’s recommendation hinges upon a qualifying condition. The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) has a comprehensive list of conditions that render a patient eligible for medical cannabis use. Navigating this process and keeping track of renewal dates can be a complex task, but LAMMD stands ready to assist. As your ally in your medical marijuana journey, LAMMD can provide support in steering this process, ensuring that your registration renewal is smooth and timely.

Documents you need to renew you medical marijuana card in Louisiana

To renew your medical marijuana card in Louisiana, you would need the following:

  • A valid medical recommendation from a licensed healthcare professional in Louisiana.
  • Your state ID for identity verification at the dispensary.
  • Payment for the renewal fee (which can be paid via credit/debit card online or personal check/money order for a paper application).

Please note that this information is based on the current understanding and interpretation of the law as of 2023, and you should always check with a qualified healthcare provider such as LAMMD. For more specific information about the required documents to renew your medical cannabis card, contacting us directly and beginning the renewal process would be most beneficial.

Meeting with the Louisiana medical marijuana doctor online

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry stated that neither the state’s statutory law nor the regulations necessitate an in-person visit for a physician to recommend therapeutic marijuana via telemedicine​​. Consequently, renewing your medical marijuana card no longer requires a physical meeting with a doctor, significantly simplifying the process.

To renew your medical marijuana card online, you must first log into LAMMD. Here, you can schedule an appointment with a qualified medical practitioner who is approved by the state of Louisiana. After a medical evaluation, if a specialist still considers you as the patient who meets the requirements, a new medical cannabis card will be sent to the assigned dispensary.

It’s important to remember that the renewal of your medical marijuana card should occur before the expiration of your current MMIC registration. This ensures that there is no gap in your ability to access medical cannabis legally.

virtual consultation with marijuana doctor

What to do, if your medical marijuana card expired?

If your MMIC expires, you lose your therapeutic cannabis user status and are prohibited from buying any cannabinoid supply. It will lead to interruption of your medical marijuana journey and may have adverse outcomes for your health, especially when you use medical cannabis as a painkiller therapy. You will need to start over all the MMJ card application process, which is inconvenient.

Consider to check on your MMJ card expiration date carefully. Even if you notice that your medical weed registration will expire in a few days, if you book a therapist appointment right away with LAMMD, your marijuana card will be renewed in 24 to 48 hours. 


In conclusion, the process to renew your medical marijuana card in Louisiana is straightforward and efficient. To renew, you simply need to revisit a licensed healthcare professional, receive a new recommendation, and select your state-licensed dispensary. The physician then inputs your information into the state’s database, where it is sent to your chosen dispensary.

To streamline the process, consider using a telemedicine platform like LAMMD. This platform can connect you with state-licensed healthcare professionals who can evaluate your condition and provide a recommendation for medical cannabis. This means you can renew your medical marijuana card online, making the process even more convenient and efficient. With the option to renew your MMJ card online, there’s no need to worry about travel, waiting rooms, or scheduling conflicts.

LAMMD provides a secure, convenient, and user-friendly platform that makes it easy to renew your medical cannabis card online. With the recent changes to Louisiana’s telemedicine rules, you can now receive a medical marijuana recommendation online, making LAMMD an excellent choice for those looking to renew their medical cannabis card or receive a first-time recommendation

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