Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: The Benefits of Cannabis for Insomnia

say goodbye to sleepless nights: the benefits of cannabis for insomnia

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common problem called insomnia, and it can be really frustrating. But did you know that some people use cannabis products to help them sleep better?

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for centuries for different purposes, including helping people sleep. Some people say that cannabis products, like marijuana or CBD, can make them feel more relaxed and help them fall asleep faster.

There have been a few studies done to see if cannabis products really do help with insomnia. In one study, 409 people recorded their insomnia symptoms using a special app on their phones. They found that the people who used cannabis had a statistically and clinically significant improvement in their perceived levels of insomnia. That means they felt like their insomnia was better after using cannabis.

Another study looked at 991 people with insomnia and found that they reported improvements in their insomnia symptoms after using cannabis. And in the third study of 677 people, researchers found that people with depression, anxiety, or both felt like they got benefits from using cannabis for sleep.

But it’s not just these studies that have found that cannabis products can help with insomnia. Other observational trials, or studies that just watch what people do without controlling anything, have also shown that people with insomnia and other sleep disorders feel better after using cannabis. In one trial, 71% of the people who used cannabis reported improvements in their sleep, and 39% were even able to stop taking their insomnia medications or take them less often.

There have also been clinical trials, or studies where everything is controlled and tested in a specific way, that have looked at using oral cannabinoids (a type of chemical found in cannabis) for insomnia treatment. These studies have also shown that cannabis-based products could be a good way to treat insomnia.

So what does all this mean? It looks like cannabis products, like marijuana and CBD, might be able to help people with insomnia sleep better. But it’s important to remember that more research needs to be done to fully understand how cannabis products can be used to treat insomnia. It’s also important to talk to a doctor or other healthcare provider before using any cannabis products, as they can have side effects and may not be safe for everyone.

If you’re having trouble catching z’s, give us a call. We can help you find ways to improve your sleep, like using cannabis products, making a bedtime routine, and cutting down on screen time before bed.

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