Living With Anxiety? Medical Marijuana Offers Lesser Side-Effects for Many

Anxiety and Depression

Louisiana is a state that has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, with one of the highest rates of drug overdose deaths in the country. With so many Louisianans dying every year as a result of an opioid-related incident, the use of medical marijuana is on the rise. Louisiana medical marijuana doctors have noticed fewer side effects from using medical marijuana when treating anxiety patients and now Louisiana medical marijuana distilleries are leading efforts towards making cannabis products more accessible in Louisiana through social reform legislation.

Many individuals use marijuana to relieve anxiety, particularly those suffering from a social anxiety disorder; and many Louisiana medical marijuana doctors have found the use of cannabis in Louisiana to be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety.

While Louisiana is moving toward becoming a more tolerant state when it comes to handing out licenses for the production and distribution of medical marijuana, as well as overall access some Louisiana medical marijuana distilleries are focusing on producing new strains of high CBD-containing a variety of Cannabis Sativa L., specifically developed for Louisianans who suffer from anxiety.

CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety in all dosages that have been studied and according to a recent poll, cannabis is being used to treat depression and anxiety. In 2018, the research found that individuals who utilize medical marijuana had a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress, compared to non-users.

Cannabis, particularly in the form of CBD oil, has shown promise in treating short-term anxiety symptoms.

However, it is worth noting that further human research is necessary to confirm these results conclusively. There are also few long-term studies on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating anxiety.

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