Is it Legal to Have Fun With Medical Marijuana? Taking on the Stigma of Natural Treatments

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When Capitol Wellness Solutions in Baton Rouge welcomed its first medical cannabis patients in August 2019, the medical marijuana program officially launched.

Access has since been expanded to patients with a wider range of qualifying ailments, and dispensaries are now permitted to deliver to all precincts within their districts. This is in addition to the initial two medical marijuana growers allowed in the state.

Medical cannabis has indeed been allowed in Louisiana since 1978, but it hasn’t stopped a lot of misinformation and prejudice. This may be a factor in why fewer patients have signed up than expected.

Fear of being labeled a “stoner” prevents others from seeking medical marijuana treatment for ailments for which it is effective, such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, opiate addiction, and others. Some people taking medical marijuana may worry that they are doing so incorrectly since they appreciate the way it affects them.

In this regard, we at “Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors” have some very good news to share. Having fun with the high that medical marijuana provides is totally acceptable. In reality, Louisiana law protects your right to wellness by permitting you to pursue alternative treatments.

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Myths in Louisiana

1. Marijuana is not safe for medical use.

Once the recreational use of marijuana became legal, especially when THC candies and other edibles first hit the market, headlines frequently featured accounts of persons who had ingested fatally high concentrations of the drug.

An unexpectedly potent edible is the leading cause of panic attacks and nausea while under the influence of marijuana. Manufacturers have improved their products, and consumers have learned to take it gently when trying new edibles, so horror stories like this now occur far less frequently.

Marijuana consumption has been linked to a small number of deaths if any at all. Although overdosing is conceivable, it will not lead to death. The majority of the risks associated with marijuana use are attributable to persons making important decisions like driving, operating machinery, or caring for young children while under the influence.

2. Becoming “high” all the time while using medical cannabis is OK.

Although this misconception is becoming less common, it can remain in some communities. Marijuana is used for medical purposes by a larger population than for recreational purposes. Marijuana is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of cancer and PTSD, as well as to treat chronic pain and anxiety.

Patients who choose medicinal marijuana do so because it is a safer alternative to opioids and because it is less addicting than many recreational drugs. More people drink excessively and binge drink than smoke pot for fun, and many smokers are hooked after their first pack.

Since they can’t rely on the full benefits of a medical marijuana program, many people only use it when they have time to sit back and focus solely on feeling better. Additionally, patients can get the treatment they need without experiencing the intoxicating effects of cannabis with the help of a program that provides them with complete access to a variety of cannabis products.

Thankfully, dispensaries in Louisiana have a wide range of options to assist you to find comfort without the side effects of being constantly stoned. Our medical staff is here to assist you in making the best choices and developing a practice routine.

3. “Potheads” or “stoners” are slang terms for medical marijuana users.

Over the past sixty years, cannabis has gained a significant reputation. It was a legitimate international commodity before the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937. Marijuana was considered a valid medication at one point, as evidenced by the fact that it was discussed in medical texts written as early as the 19th and 20th centuries.

In the 1960s, as a result of emerging social shifts, counterculture movements advocated for the legalization of marijuana. The message became entangled with that of Timothy Leary and others who advocated for the use of drugs to bring about social change. It was an entire generation for whom the term “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” came to serve as a catchall.

Despite efforts, cannabis still has a negative reputation. Medical marijuana users may not always agree with others who celebrate the Summer of Love as if it were 1968.

Medical marijuana use does not automatically entail a commitment to a life of loose morals, in which one shuns conventional values such as a steady job and family responsibilities in favor of a more carefree approach. (Though, if you’re looking for a Louisiana Marijuana Card, we’re not here to pass judgment on your decisions.)

In Louisiana, the only requirements for medical marijuana use are a diagnosis qualifying for cannabis therapy, a recommendation for medical marijuana use from a doctor registered with the state, and the purchase of medicine from a dispensary registered with the state.

4. Medical Marijuana is only useful when smoked 

You cannot even buy medical marijuana products that can be smoked in Louisiana. The medical benefits of marijuana are lost in the smoking process.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in a variety of forms, with the most advantageous method depending on the condition being treated, the patient’s treatment goals, the patient’s lifestyle, and the patient’s personal preferences.

Inhaler with a Dose Counter

Patients in Louisiana must use a metered-dose inhaler to use medicinal marijuana, even though smoking it is the quickest way to feel its benefits. Therefore, no harmful substances or excessive heat are inhaled, and the dosage of medication taken is precisely controlled.


You can take tinctures either orally by swallowing and digesting them, or sublingually by placing the liquid under your tongue. It takes about 20 minutes for a tincture to take effect after being held under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream.


The effects of edibles are delayed until the liver has processed the food, although they can continue for hours.


Topicals may be the best choice if you need targeted pain treatment for an injury or persistent discomfort. Lotions and creams packed with THC can help you unwind and feel better without inducing intoxication or requiring you to consume any sort of drug.

5. It’s impossible to work when using medical marijuana

It can be challenging to perform daily tasks when using some varieties of medical marijuana. Even if the goal isn’t impaired, medical marijuana can be used in sufficient doses to cause it.

But this isn’t always an inflexible rule of thumb. In reality, it stands to reason that medicinal marijuana would improve one’s ability to carry out daily tasks because it allows one to feel their best while avoiding the negative side effects of many conventional pharmaceuticals.

It is possible to maintain some degree of functionality while testing the effects of medicinal marijuana on your symptoms.

Our medical staff here at “Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors” is well-versed in the best strains to use and the most effective ways to administer them to get the desired therapeutic effects with the least amount of negative side effects. To find out how you can use medical marijuana with minimal interference in your daily life, make an appointment through our website.

It could also be helpful to have an open discussion with the dispensary pharmacist in your area. Product strains that are less prone to result in impairment can be located with their assistance.

Furthermore, adding CBD to your medical marijuana may lessen the high. If you’re having trouble functioning at your best, try utilizing the minimum amount necessary to feel better.

Get a Recommendation for Medical Marijuana in Louisiana today and overcome the stigma!

Now is a wonderful time to seek a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor in Louisiana if you haven’t already. Get the help you need and deserve, and feel better as soon as tomorrow by dispelling the myths around medical cannabis.

Medical marijuana patients in Louisiana can count on the support of the state’s knowledgeable staff and board-certified doctors. Throughout the duration of your medical marijuana recommendation, we will be here to answer any questions you may have, provide any necessary direction, and offer words of encouragement.

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