Is Cannabis Really Medicine?

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Is cannabis really medicine? Before we even consider this question we should ask: What is medicine? Medicine is a substance or technique that promotes health improvement and/or disease prevention in persons who use it. As a result, many medicines are manufactured synthetically because they can be patented and controlled.

According to international pharmaceutical standards, the active component must fulfill certain purity and strength criteria. Cannabis meets these standards. In spite of this, cannabis is not accepted by the official medical establishment as a medicine but rather as an experimental drug or investigational medicine.  Unfortunately, many individuals in need of genuine medical care do not know what cannabis looks like today in 2021, which is how it should be regarded as a medicine.

Cannabis is more than just an experimental drug or investigational medicine. Cannabis can be used not only for unexplained chronic pain but also for a variety of symptoms and conditions that arise from disease or its treatment. People who use it and continue to use it are using it because they feel better– whether it’s mood, mental health, or feeling better physically.

These are the things that people need guidance and help with from their healthcare providers. When a physician provides this type of guidance and support, there is not only an improvement in the overall well-being of that person but also in that individual’s state of mind. Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors strives to match you with the ideal health care provider for your needs. Contact us today.

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