How Do You Use Medical Marijuana Extracts and Concentrates?

how do you use medical marijuana extracts and concentrates

Cannabis extracts have grown to be one of the most effective and cost-effective methods to utilize cannabis with Louisiana adding new items to the menu for 2022, patients will have a lot of alternatives when shopping at pharmacies.

Patients who have completed the state’s requirements for a cannabis certification may legally purchase any of the plant’s components at licensed pharmacies in Louisiana.

Many patients, however, may be interested in cannabis extracts or concentrates. Extracts and concentrates have several advantages for certain types of patients and might be problematic for others.

We’ll go through what cannabis extracts are, who they’re designed for, and why they’re one of the greatest methods to consume cannabis in this post!

Cannabis Extracts: What are they?

Cannabis Extracts are concentrated amounts of chemicals

Extracts are the plant’s isolated parts that have been extracted, and extracts sold in Louisiana pharmacies are chemicals such as terpenes, THC, and CBD.

When compared to cannabis flowers, extracts are a type of cannabis product that only contains the most beneficial components. It’s generally THC that is being extracted from extracts, as opposed to cannabis flower, which includes a variety of compounds.

Because these chemicals are extracted in such a high concentration of THC, extracts are frequently offered with THC percentages above 60% and as much as 98%.

High Value, High Potency Extracts

Cannabis extracts are especially popular since only a tiny quantity is required to ingest a substantial amount of THC. The majority of extract products on the market today weigh between .5g and 3.5g, in contrast to flower, which is commonly available in weights ranging from 3.5g to 14g+.

Patients won’t need to buy as much since only a tiny quantity of extract is required per dose, and depending on your dosage frequency, this may be a very cost-effective way to consume cannabis.

Is there a good reason to choose cannabis extract?

Extracts offer a one-of-a-kind experience with extended effects

Extracts, which are similar to edibles in that the high may last for several hours, have a longer effect duration than traditional goods like cannabis flowers.

Extracts, unlike edibles or cannabis flowers, provide a unique sensation that some patients may find enjoyable or distressing for the first time.

Due to the high potency of extracts, overuse can result in stronger effects, and individuals with poor tolerance to THC or those who are susceptible to cannabis-induced anxiety should take it easy when using extracts.

Extracts are one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to consume a high dose of cannabis.

The Hash Subculture Has a Long History & Deep Roots

You’ve probably heard of hash if you’ve ever traveled abroad or met a cannabis connoisseur with international connections. Hash has been around for thousands of years and is one of the first cannabis extracts, made for easier transportation and longer shelf life than bulk cannabis flower.

Hash has a higher concentration of THC and is considerably more powerful than traditional cannabis flower, but for people with a high tolerance, it can feel like smoking cannabis flower for the first time all over again.

In 2022, the hash is synonymous with extracts and concentrates because they’re all technically extracted portions of the cannabis plant, even though hash may refer to old-fashioned brown bricks from decades ago.

This is why cannabis connoisseurs favor hash, concentrates, and extracts, and why a hash is valued in countries that have embraced cannabis openly for extended periods.

What Types of Extracts Are Available in Louisiana?

Metered-Dose and Distillate Inhalers

The pre-filled asthma inhalers of VODAYO are metered-dose inhalers that contain a cannabis extract and are now available at medical cannabis dispensaries in Louisiana. You may use cannabis extracts without the need for additional equipment or smoke production by delivering a fast aerosol solution to the lungs, similar to an asthma inhaler.

RSO and distillate are also available, but because there is a scarcity of Wellcanna Distillate in Louisiana, you may have to travel to a pharmacy farther away to get RSO or distillate.

We anticipate a wider range of cannabis extracts to be accessible in Louisiana pharmacies in the near future, and now that the state has authorized cannabis flowers as a retail product, more extracts should appear soon.

Louisiana is expected to have a large selection of cannabis goods this year, and the state has gotten off to a good start by offering smokable cannabis flowers on the menu. Patients who have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition may get an MMJ card from one of our certified medical marijuana doctors and lawfully use cannabis in Louisiana.

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