Are there restrictions on traveling with medical marijuana?


With Louisiana’s medical cannabis program growing and new patients qualifying for LA medical marijuana certifications every month, 2022 is expected to be a big year for Louisiana Whether it’s in terms of patient numbers or legislative activity.

While new items like cannabis flowers are debuting in Louisiana’s medical marijuana industry at the start of the year, patients are being given medical marijuana certifications more quickly than ever before.

Many patients are curious if they can bring medical marijuana with them when traveling, and if so, how to do so without breaking the law. We’ll go through everything you need to know about transporting cannabis in Louisiana in this post!

Is it safe to travel with cannabis?

Be aware of the law!

It is difficult to maintain the line between medical marijuana and federal law while traveling, and staying within the bounds of the law is always essential.

While it may appear to be a simple procedure at first, traveling with medical cannabis has certain rules that patients must follow to receive the maximum benefits of the safeguards available to medical marijuana users.

Although the rules are simple, we aren’t attorneys, so if you’re unsure if traveling with your medical cannabis will be legal, it’s best to contact an attorney, legal expert, or law enforcement to ensure that you’re staying fully compliant.

Traveling well matters!

Moving with medical cannabis is really simple, and there are only a few essential things to know about traveling with cannabis.

For one thing, transporting medical cannabis across state lines is completely legal. You do this every time you visit a medical marijuana dispensary and transport home your cannabis, so long as you’re within the state in which you purchased it.

However, things get more complicated when traveling out of state, and the same protections don’t always apply.

What to do if you’re traveling with Medical Cannabis

Travel within the state

It’s perfectly legal to travel with cannabis purchased in the state you’re visiting. No one bats an eyelid at it, and it’s not a problem to do so.

It also applies to local travel by automobile, public transportation, or any other method of getting around locally.

This is not just relevant to the state in which your medical marijuana authorization is valid. For example, if you possess cannabis in Colorado, where recreational use of marijuana is legal, you can travel across the state with it.

It’s critical to remember that any kind of marijuana, whether medical or not, is against the law. This implies that if you are caught with marijuana while visiting the Cane River Creole or New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, you could face legal problems.

Travel out of state

It is hard to travel with medical marijuana across state lines. This is because of the legal problems that can happen when you cross state lines with cannabis.

The Federal Government still considers marijuana to be unlawful, despite the fact that it is legal in some states.

When you cross state lines with cannabis of any sort, you are in violation of federal law. However, taking your marijuana from one state to another is not an option, but there are simple solutions.

There is also something known as reciprocity in many states, which means that out-of-state medical marijuana certifications are recognized and you may lawfully purchase cannabis in the state you are going to.

That implies you won’t have to transport any cannabis across state lines, only the amount you’ll need for the trip.

Note: Medical marijuana cards are not available in all states, so double-check the local and state laws before you buy cannabis while traveling in another.

Medical Marijuana While Flying

Charter flights only

It’s usually a no-no to take cannabis while flying. The Transportation Security Administration is a federal agency that is required by law to report any findings of federally prohibited drugs to local authorities.

Although the TSA has a somewhat permissive policy on marijuana, if you have a tiny quantity of medical cannabis by accident, you may be asked to throw it away and would certainly not be charged, nevertheless, it is still against the law and there’s always the possibility that they’ll use the full force of the legislation.

Aside from in-state private charters, you can only fly with cannabis if it’s for a medical condition or industrial use. You’re less likely to charter a private plane for a small entrance into Mardi Gras than you are to charter one for a big event.

Legalizing medical marijuana with a certification

It is important to know the boundaries of the law when it comes to medical marijuana. This way, you can exercise your full rights as a patient.

Breaking the law, even if you do it without knowing it, is still breaking the law. No matter how you look at it, breaking the law is still breaking the law. This also includes laws about medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana certification in Louisiana allows you to use and possess cannabis under certain restrictions, and it is the only method to guarantee you are in compliance with the law.

Even though you can’t bring cannabis with you when you fly home for the holidays, it’s still legal to have cannabis in your state. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for buying cannabis from the black market.

If you have a medical marijuana certification, it means that you have the strongest legal protection if you use cannabis. It is easier than ever to get a medical marijuana certification.


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