A Great Alternative Treatment for ADHD/ADD Patients

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In ADHD/ADD cases, it can be difficult to treat the patient with current medication. ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorders. ADHD consists of 3 different subtypes; including inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and ADHD combined type (ICD-10). ADHD shows symptoms such as lack of focus, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and trouble paying attention which affects daily life. ADHD patients tend to have higher rates of drug abuse, academic failure, and unemployment compared with non-ADHD patients.

Medical Marijuana ADHD Alternative Treatment

Quite a few studies have shown that ADD and ADHD patients are largely relieved when they use marijuana. Marijuana is becoming a much more popular treatment alternative for ADHD/ADD.

Marijuana doctors claim that patients with ADD and ADHD are able to live better lives through marijuana use, despite the fact that there may be certain myths claiming otherwise.

A lack of a key neurotransmitter called dopamine is the primary cause for ADHD symptoms, and cannabinoids make it possible to boost that production. Cannabis has been shown to accelerate dopamine production, despite the current lack of research on its effects. Medical marijuana and Ritalin both attach themselves to dopamine receptors in the brain, making them similar. This slows down the rate at which dopamine is metabolized. When taking the right dosage of cannabis, it has the ability to alleviate deficiencies in dopamine. The inability to focus for those suffering from ADHD can be minimized when cannabis is properly used; they would be able to deal with tedious and tense tasks well. Their mood swings will also be balanced.

Since it is mostly children that suffer from ADD/ADHD, parents have the option of extracting liquid from the cannabis, called a tincture.

Medical marijuana is one way to treat the symptoms that are associated with ADD/ADHD, but there may be other ways as well. We hope this was helpful for those who suffer from these conditions or know someone who does. If you have any questions or need help finding out more information on your specific case, please contact us today!

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