At Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors, we understand how vital it is to be heard while in Louisiana when it comes to medical condition treatment. According to a recent poll conducted by JMC, a majority of Louisianans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. In fact, over two-thirds of those polled support its legalization! In 2020, a comparable poll revealed that number at 54%. That is an increase of 13 percent in public opinion just one year later! Only 8% of those questioned thought that marijuana in any form should be completely banned.

These results, while striking for a more conservative region of the country, are nothing new. We’ve known Louisiana has been making strong progress in the south in terms of marijuana laws. In actuality, three of the state’s biggest cities including New Orleans and Baton Rouge have decriminalized cannabis. This means that individuals who are caught with small amounts of marijuana will only be fined rather than jailed.

It’s pretty easy to find a registered dispensary in Louisiana. Of course, we all know that the state of Louisiana has a fully functional MMJ program! Because Louisiana is considered an “all-condition” state, this program has gone through more changes than others. This implies that any debilitating medical condition diagnosed by a resident may be relieved with medical marijuana!

Another important conclusion from the survey was that Louisianans support allowing medical patients to have access to the whole marijuana plant, as oils and tinctures are presently the only options. In 2020, 68% of respondents favored allowing medical users to buy cannabis goods from pharmacies, which increased to 75% this year. This indicates that Louisianans are open to enabling medical marijuana patients to purchase marijuana flowers or buds at pharmacies.

Two-thirds of those polled said they would be more inclined to vote for a candidate who supports changing Louisiana’s marijuana laws. This statement, which reflects the good standing that Louisiana’s marijuana laws and opinions truly have, is evidence!

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