5 Common Fake Myths Related to Marijuana

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For decades, there has been a thick, thunderous cloud of stigma surrounding medical marijuana. This stigma is partly to blame for the ongoing debate over medical marijuana legalization and just about any other issue involving cannabis. It was the reason for the “war on drugs”, which has seen more imprisoned individuals incarcerated in the criminal “justice” system than ever before in US history.

In today’s world, the gap between those who think that marijuana should be legal both recreationally and therapeutically, and those who do not is increasingly problematic. While the debate is rooted in something bigger than “stigma,” cannabis advocates are quick to draw their swords for it.

Because of the stigma surrounding marijuana, there has been a fog around marijuana education. It’s thick, and difficult to penetrate, and most individuals give up attempting to navigate it so they settle for easy-to-understand theories that are outdated and inaccurate. The stigma cloud seems to have a similar impact on marijuana discussions in everyday society. Many medical cannabis patients feel alienated, having to conceal that marijuana helps them because of their families and friends, and potential patients are so far from the truth that they are afraid to consider medical marijuana as an option for their requirements.

But what is the truth? Is it possible to break down decades of long-standing prejudice? Will patients ever be able to experience the true freedom and self-assurance of being able to pick which health care best suits their medical condition, as well as the confidence to be honest about it?

We’re all about creating new possibilities and opportunities for our patients at “Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors”, not just for them but also for people all around the state. Everyone has the right to adequate care, especially those who are suffering from chronic conditions. We intend to break down the walls that exist!

1# Myth: “Marijuana is a highly addictive drug..”

The misconception that marijuana is extremely hard to quit may be debunked because the solution isn’t really that simple. Declaring that cannabis is addictive is misleading because it disregards the distinctions between addiction and other factors.

On the other hand, many people are genuinely and diagnosably addicted to a variety of things. Alcoholism, sugar, gambling, and painkillers, are just a few of the most common addictions we hear about. There are a variety of uncommon addictions that aren’t well-known, to say nothing of the fact that there is even an entire TV series about them! So, just like everything else, marijuana can be misused, and over-consumed, and an emotional dependency may develop. Marijuana, however, is not any more “addictive” than anything else.

The fact that marijuana is not poisonous distinguishes it from other drugs. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to actual drug addiction understands how distressing it is. There have never been any marijuana overdoses. While there have been a few purported isolated occurrences, the deaths were debatable, and they might have been connected to pre-existing medical conditions. Not only that, but deaths related to marijuana are not the direct result of smoking marijuana; they usually have other underlying causes, such as driving while intoxicated. Saying that marijuana is addictive is just another approach to minimizing the medicinal and restorative efficacy of cannabis.

2# Myth: “Marijuana is a gateway drug.”

This one has been around for quite some time, and it is certainly one of the most often used tall tales regarding marijuana. I’m sure you’ve heard this in your “D.A.R.E.” class at least once or if not, you were the one to tell your kids to arm themselves with this information while extending their hand into a fist for extra effect. Regardless of the explanation, this long-standing myth has had a big role in marijuana prejudice and has entrenched itself into societal perceptions of cannabis.

Marijuana is not a gateway drug. There’s no truth to the idea that once you start using marijuana, you’ll subsequently use hard illicit drugs. This fable has been propagated as a result of the “war on drugs” legislation, which classifies marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic. Unfortunately, this group is reserved for extremely addictive medications with no medical value, which we now know isn’t the case for marijuana. Since the 1970s, cannabis reformers have been pushing to get it rescheduled, and it is still a contentious issue today.

The common image of cannabis throughout the world is that it’s a dangerous drug that leads to the use of other, more harmful substances. Users who believe this perception would be slower to realize they have been lied to or perhaps even blame themselves for their own choices. Most people are not aware that they’ve been misled into believing something false because we tell them what to think, not how to think.

Actually, cannabis has been found to have the exact opposite result! Marijuana may assist people addicted to drugs in weaning themselves off of them and providing a road for a quicker and safer recovery. This has been proved in treatment centers all around the country for opioid addiction!

3# Myth: “People who consume Cannabis are Lazy.”

This misconception, while not as potent as the two preceding, still stings a little. The media’s depiction of the marijuana user has fostered a constant image of the “stoner” or “pothead.” It’s been in several films, including “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.” and “Cheech & Chong.” The new breed of cannabis films, on the other hand, is produced for entertainment and enjoyment. They give an inaccurate impression of who marijuana consumers are to society. When it comes to stereotypes about marijuana users, they may be lazy, stupid, or goofy.

This preconception disregards the fact that marijuana is really beneficial for its consumers! There are certain strains that make you feel relaxed and calm, which help contribute to this “couch potato” perception, but what it fails to consider is the fact that some of our patients require it for their health and well-being. We have seen patients with persistent or intractable pain who have had numerous operations and only find relief from calming marijuana strains. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are also several strains, such as Sativa strains, that have the opposite effect of making you feel driven and energetic to get things done! These strains are ideal for daytime usage and can be very productive.

4# Myth: “Cannabis destroys the cells in your brain.”

The idea that smoking marijuana destroys brain cells has been perpetuated via the media and popular culture. This is a hurtful belief about cannabis users, implying that they are unintelligent or that they destroy their brains. We understand this isn’t accurate, as marijuana users across the “smart” spectrum, just like any other group of people.

We also understand that there is no association between marijuana consumption and memory loss or negative brain changes! In 2012, research showed a link between adolescent marijuana use and lower intellectual function over time, which was later verified by additional researchers. But what these studies failed to consider was the fact that correlation does not imply causation. The more recent twin study delved deeper into the research’s foundation and discovered that it was relying on invalid assumptions about marijuana’s role in IQ deterioration. What this research revealed was that marijuana has no effect on IQ! Instead, genetic and environmental factors were entirely ignored, which are both important contributors to lower IQ and increased cannabis use.

5# Myth: “Cannabis is simply a method to get high.”

This misconception is quite dangerous! Many individuals who are against marijuana use believe that medical marijuana is merely a subterfuge for people to gain access to cannabis legalization in order to get “high” all the time. The popular perception is that cannabis has no curative properties, therefore people would only use it for its psychotropic effects rather than its therapeutic advantages.

We can debunk this misconception because we know it to be untrue for two reasons. The majority of marijuana users are not looking to party, but rather to alleviate a medical issue. This fact alone debunks the myth since it demonstrates that people aren’t using marijuana just to get “high” and have a good time; they’re actually in a lot of pain or suffering from a terrible illness.

Although it’s still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, marijuana does have a purpose for recreational use. However, we all know that marijuana has amazing healing properties, which is why users keep coming back to alleviate their medical issues such as Crohn’s Disease, Cancer, intractable pain, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions!

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